1 Yellowhouse Canyon S 7 Tender Strength S
Spirit life announces the morning sun as it breaks steadily across the rise and fall of the canyon landscape. Dramatic change occurs as calm suddenly encounters the powerful forces of whirling winds and lightning strikes.
2 Flying With Hawk S 8 Raindrops of Gratitude S
The 'Red Tail Hawk' soars high and flutters still with steady eyes in search of prey so as to live and hunt another day. Rolling thunder signals gratitude to fall like raindrops within the heart and soul.
3 Halo Around The Sun S 9 Flower S
This rare occasion of ice crystals form a grand sweeping circle in the clear blue sky around the noonday sun inspiring heavenely angelic melody. Fragrant stems of color sway rhythmically awaiting notice.
4 Pieces of Light S 10 Echo for Peace S
A winter's storm gives final farewell in a dazzling mist of glittering snow highlighted with sunlit rays. A tender call for peaceful solitude flows continuously again and again.
5 Clouds S 11 Kindred Spirits S
White clouds drift effortlessly while building layer by layer towers of vapor that reach high into the lofty realms of hope. Family ties are rekindled with the blending of the past and the present.
6 Aries & Leo S 12 Dusk S
Two giant constellations sparkle in cosmic harmony surrounded with the black contrast of space as each one displays unique characteristics of their Sun driven forces. Fleeting moments of pure light stretch long and low above the horizon before the cover of night.

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